7 essential questions I need to ask myself


Clever as I am I’ve done some research about becoming a great blogger and I found this: 7 Essential Questions Every Blogger Needs To Ask Themselves.
Diligently I start answering right now:

#1 – Are you passionate about helping your audience?
Yeah…nah. What audience?

“(…) your blog should be more about your audience than it is about you.”
Oh, I didn’t know that. What now?

“Ask yourself:
What do people want?
What questions are they asking?
What problems do they want solved?
Does my content make people take action?
How can I use my passion to help others?”

I think we are about to exceed the number 7 of 7 questions and we haven’t even reached number #2! No offense though. Okay, let’s do this:

What do people want?
Freedom, liberty, security, saftey (kinda complicated combinations), more love, less responsibilty, more money, less work, a better life, happy kids, inner peace… Just guessing. People, what do you want?

Questions people are asking:
Do I need to do this? Why? What does that cost? Do I really need to do this? What time is it? Can you do it for me, please? And then in silent moments: What do I really want? Why am I so scared? Who am I? Why does it hurt so much? How can I forgive? What is the meaning of (my) life?

Problems they want to be solved:
Electricity bills, noisy neighbours, mothers-in-law, dog shit, dirty dishes, expensive flights,… Environmental pollution, social inequality, factory farming, wars, racism, sexism, capitalism. Right?!

Does my content make people take action?

How can I use my passion to help others?
I would like to return that question to the audience, please.

#2 – Are you willing to do it for free, at least for a while?
Oh, you can get paid for that?

#3 – Do you have a unique voice?
Yes! I’m not sure if that’s an advantage though (see also the singing topic).

#4 – Can you build a network?
Not really but I can build a nice shelter for firewood made of discarded road saftey barriers. (Thanks, Papa. … Hey! Do two people count as a network?)

#5 – Are you willing to learn?
Always. Most diligently.

#6 – Are you setting goals?
Yes! Just reaching them is a bit tricky.

#7 – Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?
That would depend mostly on what it takes to succeed I think.

I’m very excited to become a rich, enlightened, successful blogger now.