My new friend Kent calls me eternally broken Katy. That’s exaggerated of course. I’m not broken! Just… damaged.

New vocabulary though!

seizure – something like an epileptic fit
fit – epileptic thing. Or when someone gets really angry I guess.
nausea – same as sickness
numbness – no feeling in your amrs, legs, wherever
tingling – like prickling
swallowing – first eat than swallow (a marshmallow)
circulatory collapse – zap!
concussion – bruise to the brain
bruise – blue-purple-green mark you’re having on your butt after falling while practising clumsy Acro Yoga (random example).
cerebral haemorrhage – brain bleeding
ACC – pays for treatments if you’ve been injured in an accident
referral – note you get from your GP which says you should go to a specialized doctor or hospital
GP – “house doctor” in German
waiting time – time to wait obviously
hand tremor – shaking hand. Without purpose
pupil check – check of pupil reactions with a flashlight
flashlight – torch

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