I’ve found out that I actually like answering questions. I also like favourites. So…

What is your favourite plant?

Oh, good question! I rediscovered my love for lavender (My Yoga teacher used to have lavender soap in her bathroom so lavender smell and physical well-being have been connected). But also: trees. Apple, cherry, olive trees. Big, bent, beautiful trees. Firs, spruces, pines (home sweet home). Planes, redwoods and since just recently tree ferns! Poppies then, because of their colour, their name (Poppy! How sweet is that?!) and because there were so many along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. I also like the triple trunk avocado I planted.

Making it short is not your thing, isn’t it?

Hey, I didn’t tell you about the magic tree in Mongolia I suddenly needed to hug for whatever reason or this huge tree here in Devonport, Auckland near the ferry station which actually also likes to be hugged. Man, and there are 90 tree species and aprox. 90 billions trees only in Germany (the biggest one is 66,58 meters high), I could have spoken a lot more about trees, couldn’t I? I mean did you know about this 5.060 years old tree in California or the 46m trunk range Árbol del Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico? (It’s a bit difficult to hug though. There’s also a fence protecting it from crazy tree lovers). I didn’t tell you all that, did I?! And Ginkgo – which is neither a conifer nor a broadleaf tree by the way –  is the oldest tree species on our planet. Also good to know! Be careful though, a blooming female Ginkgo smells like (humans) vomit. Trust me, it does. (Especially the one in the Old Botanical Garden in Tübingen, Germany).

Do you want the next question or keep talking in monologues about trees now?

Next question, please.

Your favourite household appliance?

Electric kettle.

That’s all?

I’m not that passionate about household appliances.

Are you sure?

Well… I also like vacuum cleaners.

Okay, last question for today! What is your favourite movie? Just one!

One… of my favourite movies is Amélie. The soundtrack of Yann Tiersen is also great.

Oh yes, I like that, too.

It’s nice, isn’t it?

It is. Thanks for answering the questions.

Thank you for asking, alter ego.

Doesn’t it feel kinda weird talking to yourself?

Not at all.

That’s good. I’ve had been a bit worried, you know. Goodbye, then.

Bye. See you soon.