Heyho. My name is Katinka.

I like (word) acrobatics, (hitch)hiking, trees, lavender soap, my lovely pink bike called Helga, reading (between the lines), making lists and putting things in brackets.

I grew up in the deep dark Black Forest. I know where the chanterelles grow. I believe that there is a good night raven.

I am older than I look. That’s fine. My favourite sociologists are Pierre Bourdieu and Ulrich Oevermann. Objective reality does not exist in my world.

What I cook best is mushroom risotto (a badass mushroom risotto I was told) and German winter vegetable soup (just normal standard, Germans are not that passionate about compliments). People tell me that I should stop singing when I do so. That’s not very friendly I think.

I moved to the end of the world New Zealand a few months ago. I want to learn English (tricky language…), I want to overcome fears (also tricky), I want to walk slowly (with springy energy though) by lifting and setting down each foot in turn (sounds feasible). I want to write about it. That’s why.

This blog is an experiment. Let’s wait and see what happens.