raise, /reɪz/
verb: 3rd person present: raises, past tense: raised, past participle: raised, gerund or present participle: raising

      1. To move to a higher position: sleepy birds raising their heads and looking about.
      2. To build: to raise a monument.
      3. To set in motion, activate: to raise a storm of protest.
      4. To grow, to care for: to raise corn, to raise prizewinning terriers.
      5. To serve in the capacity of parent: to raise children.
      6. To give rise to: His comments raised a ripple of applause.
      7. To increase in size, quantity, or worth: raise an employee’s salary.
      8. To increase in intensity, degree, strength, or pitch: raised his voice.
      9. To improve in rank or dignity: raised her to management level.
      10. To put forward for consideration: raised an important question.
      11. To collect or bring together: raise money from the neighbors for a charity.
      12. To restore to life: to raise the dead.
      13. To give vigor to, animate: The news raised his spirits.
      14. Nautical.
        to cause (something) to rise above the visible horizon by approaching it.
        to come in sight of (land, a whale, etc.).

    [all things I like so far]
    15. To cough up (phlegm).

  1. Phrases:
    raise one’s glass – Drink a toast.
    raise one’s hat – Briefly remove one’s hat as a gesture of courtesy or respect to someone.
    raise a laugh – Make people laugh.
    raise the roof – Make a great deal of noise, especially through cheering.

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    My personal raising: coming soon.